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An Interview with Susan Johnston

Question 01: You started the journey in the entertainment sector from your childhood days. How crucial was your meeting with Robert Redford in shaping your career?

I believe each experience in my life added to the total I am now. It was really not until the last few years did I put all of those pieces together. For me, I was actually in the business prior to that film but that one felt abundantly effortless in beauty of soul. It doesn’t hurt to have a reference of someone so well known and revered to be able to have a timeline to, I am grateful. 

Question 02: Would you mind sharing us some of your experiences, hardships and difficulties faced while setting up 'Select Services Films Inc'? 

Loud laughter, this could take a lifetime. On the short side of the explanation, as long as you are willing to continually grow as a person, learn and communicate clearly, realize that there is a higher good for people you can get through anything.  I believe the word show business is there for a very clear reason. It is a business of people who show talent (writing, directing, acting, singing, dancing, etc.) Business acumen is very important to me. I’ve often been thanked as a casting director for supplying not only great talent, but talent that gets “it”, the it being this is a business, certain protocol and understanding as a team is expected. 


James Reynolds: The Film Maker Who Preferred the Less Traveled Way

ames Reynolds, All Lights Film magazine


First Do No Harm’ the documentary film directed by James Reynolds explores the story behind the controversial and paternalistic history of blood transfusions. The documentary has caught the attention of a large mass across the globe.


John Schnieder : An Exclusive Talk

John Schnieder better known as the lovable 'Bo Duke' is now in a path of reinventing himself. He now owns his own studio, 'John Schnieder Studios' which offers filmmakers all necessity amenities to shoot their movies. He also directed 'Smothered', a horror comedy movie which was released in 2014. In a recent talk with All Lights Film Magazine, John opened up about his life, aspirations, studio works and future projects.

Question 01: You are forever known as the lovable Bo Duke from ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ among spectators. Have you suffered any kind of ‘image slavery’ ever in your life due to the peculiar characterization of Bo Duke?

Of course, I have. I'm from Westchester county NY and I am really about as Southern as a slice of Pizza. However... what doesn't keep you out of work makes you better.


Interview with International Brit Asian Music Artist Nindy Kaur

Nindy Kaur, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFM, All Lights Magazine


Bangra music, which is famous in the Asian sub-continents, has an equally high influence in the west. Nindy Kaur, is the UK born pop singer who has followed this music genre all her life. Bangra has a vital role in her life and has toured many places worldwide for various stage shows. Kaur is associated with RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) team and is married to one of the lead vocalist Manjeet. She began her career as a singer from the age of 10 and her vivacious journey is on.


Annette Haywood-Carter

Annette Haywood-Carter,Director  Annette Haywood-Carter, Annette Carter,Annette Haywood, Haywood Carter, ALFM, All Lights Magazine, All Lights Film Magazine,Annette Haywood-Carter arrived in Hollywood in the mid 1980's and quickly worked her way up through the ranks to the coveted position of script supervisor.  Over a period of eight years she script supervised 28 feature films garnering the respect of Academy Award winning producers and directors.  Bruce Beresfor (Driving Miss Daisy), Steven Spielberg, Saul Zaentz (Amadeus) and Bruce Cohen (American Beauty) are but a few who took a personal interest in Haywood-Carter's career and helped her make the transition into directing.  Haywood-Carter began her directing career with the film, The Foot Shooting Party, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, for Touchstone.  Her next film project was a teen drama based on the novel, Foxfire, by Joyce Carol Oates.  Annette proved her keen eye for casting yet again.  Having cast then unknonw actor, DiCaprio, in her short film, this time Haywood-Carter plucked Angelina Jole from a casting call for minor roles to play the lead in Foxfire.




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