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An Encounter With Bey Logan

Bey Logan is a respected expert on East Asian cinema, particularly Hong Kong action cinema. He is currently directing the film 'Snow Blade'. Logan began his career as a writer and editor on martial arts magazine Combat. He is also notable as a screenwriter, film producer and as a martial artist. His notable screenplay is for Jackie Chan's film, The Medallion. He has also written scripts for the documentaries Jackie Chan: My Story (1998) and Jackie Chan: My Stunts (1999).

Early Life

I was born in the town of Stamford, England, and raised in a city called Peterborough. My parents were ordinary middle class folk, my father was an accountant, my mother a nurse, but, for some reason, for as long as I could remember I was fascinated by Asian culture, martial arts and movies. From a very young age, I knew that my life and work would be focused in this direction, and they have been!

Influence and Inspiration

My initial influence and inspiration came from the late,great Bruce Lee. Since then, I've been lucky to work with and learn from some of the greatest names in the industry, including Jackie Chan, Harvey Weinstein, Tsui Hark, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and many more. Today, I'm inspired by the influence and memory of my parents, and by the bright promise of my children.

You're an expert on Asian cinema. What is your perspective on Asian Cinema and Market?

I think the Asian industry, in terms of both production and distribution, is constantly evolving in an exciting way and that there is also a considerable international market for both current and vintage films from the region. I am excited to be part of the Asian film culture, both as a filmmaker and as an authority on the action genre. I think as we move into this new century, Asia, and particularly China, will play an increasingly major role in the world film market.

After being worked as a writer, producer and an actor, which part do you think you enjoyed the most?

I'm also directing my first film, 'Snowblade', and really enjoying the challenge. I would say that the aspect that gives me the greatest satisfaction is still writing, and seeing my work in print or on the screen. As I make the transition into the next stage of my career, I'll be focusing more on writing, as I think that's where my greatest
strength lies.

You've been actively involved in the Hong Kong movie industry for a number of years, as a writer, producer and occasionally an actor. So does it feels like you've come a long way since first visiting Hong Kong when you were 19?

I feel blessed, because, if I could go back in time and tell my 19 year old self what lay ahead, I think he would be very happy! I know a lot of people who somehow lose track of the dreams of their youth, but, in my own case, those dreams still inform me and my work today.

Has special effects diminished the real action in films?

I think the action remains as exciting as it was. I do think that these huge vistas of incredibly CGI fake backgrounds and armies are to the detriment of otherwise wonderful period epics. I guess people play so many videogames these days, they have a different concept of what looks 'real'!

You've worked many times with Jackie Chan. How was your experience working with Jackie Chan?

He comes as advertised, he's 'Mr. Nice Guy'. On 'Medallion', particularly, I was working with him day and night, and he's such a generally good and kind person. Of course, he has his moods, like anyone, but, for a superstar of his status, he remains unaffected and approachable. He has the greatest work ethic of anyone I know. I hope we can cooperate again in the future.

Could your brief on your current project (Snow Blade)?

It's a very dark, bloody, sexy swordplay actioner, very different from the kind of films I've done in the past. It's definitely aimed at being a cult classic. The story itself is quite straight forward; a swordswoman has to kill seven people before the full moon sets, but the way we tell it is quite fresh.



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